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WhereBlogger is a tool for Android phones, for keeping a location-based journal.

WhereBlogger can automatically collect GPS points for you, or you can add them manually. When an internet connection is available, maps will be downloaded for each logged point, and you can annotate each point with a title and a longer description. The program aims to be kind to your phone's battery and does not require a data connection or switch the GPS on at random times, as both electricity and data can be scarce while traveling.

Everything recorded by WhereBlogger can be published online (to a blog of your choice), or exported to the SD-card and copied to your PC to use as you see fit.

You can download WhereBlogger from the Android market (or just view the listing here).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No news is good news

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's a bit longer between releases this time, because I've taken one of the biggest items off the TODO list and started working on it: attachments, pictures and videos!

This requires enhancements and changes to almost everything WB does, from the editor to the low-level HTTP implementation - because it turns out Android's default HTTP support has a hard time uploading large files.

So lots of code to write and things to test - it's taking a little while. :-)


  1. Thanks again, I realy like your app. After testing different gps-logger, Whereblogger is as far as I understand one of the few where I am able to comment the points on the -droid.
    As you suggested, I upload the json-file (which contain everything I need) by ftp og web-service
    and analyze it into a database. Afterward I create a kml-file for publishing in a Google-map.

    Unfortunately; I have a few question:

    a) I tested the WordPress-publisher, and only got the actual position in my blogg. Are there any of your "Publisher" that publish the complete trip and not just a single position?
    b) Can you short explain the different between Trip-setting (Log interval and Minimum distance) and global setting (Path interval and path spacing). I am not able to tune it as I want.

    Best regards


  2. At the moment none of the publishers do full trips - although the export-to-SD-card feature should write a KML file which you can put online.

    I hope to eventually write a full-trip publisher for Google Maps, but not sure what one would look like for Wordpress or other text-based blogs. A lot of the nice features one would expect from publishing a complete trip would need some 'help' from a site which knows how to draw maps and such things, features which AFAIK are missing from Wordpress.

    I've taken a bit of a break from active WhereBlogger development, due to problems with my laptop (it can't really run Eclipse at the moment, and as I'm still on the road, replacing it isn't realistic for another month or so). So it may take a little while before these things improve, I'm afraid.

    Regarding your second question: there are two ways for WhereBlogger to collect data. One is active logging, or 'path logging', which forces the GPS on and collects lots of data in real-time. This is what path interval and path spacing are configuring.

    The other mode, is passive logging, where WhereBlogger checks once in a while if your phone has recorded a new location (due to using another mapping app or something like that). WhereBlogger won't turn the GPS on itself in this mode, but relies on other user activity to update the GPS (I like to use GPS Status and before WhereBlogger had its own offline map, I used AndNav2 quite a bit). That is what the other settings apply to - how frequently to check for new data, and how much movement to require before logging a new point. Does this clarify things?

  3. Hello, it seems that WhereBlogger is exactly what I am looking for.

    Unfortunately I don't now how to blog to my standard google blog... (http://myname.blogspot.com/)
    I always get an "page data is null or empty" - error.
    I cant find a step-for-step howto. Would you provide me with a Link to one (if existing)?

    What I try to do is:
    - Settings, Publishing
    - Add new publisher
    - Blogger
    - URL: http://myname.blogspot.com/
    - User e-mail: my googlemail adress
    - Password: my googlemail password

    - Then "Test ..." gives " Error: Page data is null or empty."

    Greetings from Germany.

  4. Could you send me an e-mail with your real blog address, so I can have a look?

    bjarni.runar at gmail dot you know the rest.

  5. Hi this is an awsome app of yours. I started Bloging now and post the content to Blogger. Latley draft.Bloger.com enabled a Gadget to embed a Google map on the Blog showing all the geotags of the Posts but so far i have to copy the Geotags from Wherebloger manual to the location information on Bloger.

    Would ther be a way to do that automaticly?

    Thanks a lot

  6. Hi

    The app is great! I would like to contribute to it, and i don't know if there is a git or svn for the source code.

    Are you planing to release it as opensource?

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