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WhereBlogger is a tool for Android phones, for keeping a location-based journal.

WhereBlogger can automatically collect GPS points for you, or you can add them manually. When an internet connection is available, maps will be downloaded for each logged point, and you can annotate each point with a title and a longer description. The program aims to be kind to your phone's battery and does not require a data connection or switch the GPS on at random times, as both electricity and data can be scarce while traveling.

Everything recorded by WhereBlogger can be published online (to a blog of your choice), or exported to the SD-card and copied to your PC to use as you see fit.

You can download WhereBlogger from the Android market (or just view the listing here).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

WhereBlogger 0.9.7

Fun new stuff in this release:

  • On the map, you can now set the date/time of added points by pressing the calendar or clock buttons before adding.
  • It is now also possible to edit points from map now: points can be moved around, their date/time changed, and the toggles toggled on or off.
  • Minor fixes to the path recorder, it wasn't properly respecting the minimum distance setting, which it should do properly (or at least better) now.

This release is a milestone for me, as I now consider the map-view more or less feature complete. Some secondary features (primarily to do with managing the tile cache for offline use) still need to be written, and there will of course always be bugs to fix, but the most important map-related work is now done.

If you feel some important functionality is missing from the map, feel free to leave a comment or two.

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