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WhereBlogger is a tool for Android phones, for keeping a location-based journal.

WhereBlogger can automatically collect GPS points for you, or you can add them manually. When an internet connection is available, maps will be downloaded for each logged point, and you can annotate each point with a title and a longer description. The program aims to be kind to your phone's battery and does not require a data connection or switch the GPS on at random times, as both electricity and data can be scarce while traveling.

Everything recorded by WhereBlogger can be published online (to a blog of your choice), or exported to the SD-card and copied to your PC to use as you see fit.

You can download WhereBlogger from the Android market (or just view the listing here).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

WhereBlogger 0.9.11

OK, last update before I go to the jungle for real!


  • Added support for tags, they work with Blogger and Wordpress and any other MWA blog which supports the mt_keywords MWA extension.
  • Fixed a bug in the editor where the toggles dialog sometimes wasn't updated properly.
  • Added an 'Insert' menu-item to the editor, to help people learn/use the non-obvious parts of Markdown syntax without having to read instructions.
  • Improved the Blogger publishing support, it now conforms properly to Google's specifications and updates which might have failed before should work. Note that due to how Blogger works, it may take a few minutes for updates and new posts to become visible. Be patient!


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